Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Awesome New Adventures of Jerry Gillies

What I Am Doing Now and What You Can Get Out Of It!

I suppose the most exciting new development for me is the publication in 2015 of the powerful prosperity sequel to the original Moneylove. It's twice as long and ten times more powerful, thanks to the fact that I included 25 collaborators, mentors of mine who are among the most admired prosperity teachers of today. I interviewed them so extensively that, for many of them, what is presented is a mini-seminar that in and of itself can change someone's life for the much, much better.

Also, this personal blog, while you can still access the many posts in the archive, is no longer active. I have switched my energy and attention to www.MoneyloveBlog.com 

On that blogsite, you will find over 200 posts on prosperity and living a more fulfilling life; access to my free Moneylove Manifesto ebook, 38 pages including ten amazing prosperity strategies and lots of personal, and perhaps shocking information about my life; plus a free weekly service that delivers a quote (either one of mine or one of my favorites) to your inbox each week, with the added bonus of a specific Quotercise, an exercise that makes the quote more empowering, and that you can use on your own favorite quotes.  All this is free. If you want to buy something, like the new book, you have to go to my Products page. My intention is to provide value, to encourage folks to explore their own prosperity potential, and to be able to get back to me with some great success stories.

Another new thing that is happening is that I have plunged into the hottest new platform on the Internet, Periscope, which is owned by Twitter. It's a live video streaming service that is so easy to use and enjoy that anyone can become a TV performer. Check it out and download it at www.Periscope.com  You can find my videos by searching @jerrygillies on Periscope or Twitter. Or by visiting www.katch.me, where all of my videos are available. You can follow my progress and see how a technically-challenged person stumbled into improving over the weeks just by doing it consistently. 

To follow future adventures, do check www.MoneyloveBlog.com or Moneylove Jerry Gillies on Facebook.         warm and prosperous regards,                                                    Jerry