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No, I didn't come up with that title to offend anyone, everyone, you. I just harkened back to the time when the Bill Clinton presidential campaign had that famous phrase that explained their whole approach--"It's The Economy, Stupid!" Of course, this most recent campaign, sixteen years later, was about the same thing. And that people don't get it--that they don't understand we have to come up with some new models in order not to exacerbate or repeat the current crisis. I think this is why such old school tycoons as Donald Trump and Warren Buffet are now recommending and even investing in network marketing.

Of course, there's that old saying that no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the general public. I think the fiasco on Wall Street has shut down that one. But people are doing stupid things every single minute of every single day. Like the man in Moscow who was recently rushed to the hospital after a raccoon he was attempting to have oral sex with severely bit him. (I know, that's not relevant, but I couldn't resist squeezing it in somewhere!)

So what does this all have to do with chocolate? Well, in the research for my next book,
ChocolateLove, about the health benefits of dark chocolate, I was looking at the fact that chocolate seems to be one of the few recession-proof and depression-proof areas of our economy. A simple explanation is that while people may give up their cars, yachts, vacation homes, etc. during a several economic downturn, they tend to up their consumption of that all-time favorite comfort food, chocolate. It was one of the very few businesses that grew in
success and size during The Great Depression. Chocolate has it both ways, actually--when times are tough, people eat chocolate to feel better--it does have several mood-enhancing chemicals in its organic makeup, and when times are good, what better way to celebrate than with a piece of gourmet premium chocolate? And now that dark chocolate has been shown to have amazing effects on health and well-being, it all adds to the mix.

So it seems to make perfect sense to me that the perfect business opportunity for 2009 is
helping people discover the fantastic taste and profound health benefits of Xocai pure and healthy dark chocolate. And it's so easy to do this business. First of all, the top people in the company are fantastic at working with everyone by training on conference calls and videos,
and by getting on the phone with any associate and doing a three-way conversation with someone new. I know other companies do this, but not with the warmth and genuine interest in helping everyone succeed that I sense in this company. And I suspect that this may have to do with the fact that most of our top people are women, who bring an extra dimension to the way they do business.

I like, also, the way the company, MXI, has so many free marketing tools available, such as
all the videos. My sponsor and close friend, Susannah Lippman, sent the following e-mail to
me with links to some of the videos she recommends most highly:

For a brief overview video visit:

For three excellent videos: Intro (3 min), The Perfect Combination (15 min) & 5 reasons video (30 min):

You have GOT to see these photos of effects of oxidation & there's lots of good info too:

For more in depth medical information see Dr Steve Warren's site and click on the various health conditions listed:

John McBride’s short testimonial Video by athlete on weight loss, pain

For a controlled scientific study of Xocai’s effect on gum disease by Dr.Steven Smith:

So looking at my title again, I realize it could be offensive even with an explanation..but I've promised to be completely honest in everything I do from now on in my life,including this blog, and this was my strong, honest inspiration for a title, so I'll keep it (I just heard the voice of Dana Carvey in my head, doing George Bush Sr. saying, "It's not prudent.")

Right now I'm on the hunt for a quote I heard about from the late, great
Malcolm Forbes (a lot smarter and more charismatic than his son, Steve). He was extolling the virtues of getting in the chocolate business--suggesting people stop whatever they were now doing and go into the chocolate business. When you think about all we are now learning about chocolate and its stability in this economy, it seems a better investment than gold. 

Of course the main criteria is that you have to love chocolate to get in the business. And if you don't, I feel sad for you, even though you don't really know what you're missing. It reminds me of a beautiful woman I dated way back when who was born without functional taste buds...she could not taste anything. It took a lot of fun out of being with her. She just ate to survive.
And, yes, she was slender. I could probably handle it better today, but I was young and found it too depressing and oppressive to continue dating her.
But I'll tell you one thing, through the more than thirty years since then, I have often savored some special flavor and thought of her never experiencing it and felt a twinge of not-quite-sadness, but something tender. And today, I feel some of the same feelings when I am eating something delicious, like letting a Xocai Nugget melt in my mouth slowly, as I remember some of the guys I left behind serving life sentences at Folsom.                                           Jerry

If you haven't checked out my new dark chocolate website,, please do so,
I haven't really gone in and customized it yet, so would appreciate any suggestions. To get a free sample of the healthy dark chocolate, email me at

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