Sunday, April 19, 2009


There's a lot of talk nowadays about some concepts that I was first exposed to and
first wrote about and talked about thirty years ago. They are related, and I admit I am sometimes amused by how people who first learned about them in my seminars
are now teaching them as if they were newly discovered great truths. But they did
not discover or originate them, and neither did I. Most of the powerful ideas in the
universe have been around a long, long time. But that does not take away from their importance, or the fact that hearing about them when you are ready to take them in from someone who strikes a resonating chord within you--and speaks your language, is the most vital factor on how well you will absorb and be able to use them in your life.

I'm talking about the Law of Attraction and the Law of Increase.

While I won't be able to give you everything you need to know about these laws, I
do want to share a couple of thoughts that can, if they strike a resonating chord
in you, dramatically change your level of momentum.

First, on The Law of Attraction. Here's my thought:

The richness of your internal life is directly responsible for the
richness attracted to you.

That's it. Take as long as you need to focus on that thought, and at some point, it will click into profound focus and meaning, and you'll be on your way.

Next, on The Law of Increase:

Moneylove, I wrote an important principle of this basic truth that most
people forget to include, and it's not about money, at least not directly:

"If you have a good idea today, and believe in yourself, chances are you will have a better one tomorrow."

It's not about your wealth increasing, it's about your consciousness growing and expanding each and every day. When this is your commitment, everything else takes care of itself.

You see, it's not about giving you a truckload of material to study and process, but just a few simple of ideas that you can wrap your brain around and use to activate your own internal motivation machine.

Long before I, or even Napoleon Hill, talked about this, there was Ralph Waldo Emerson and Self Reliance, a great term we don't hear very much in
these so-called modern times. I thought of Emerson just today, when Sherrie
Snow, one of the top distributors and trainers for MXI and the Xocai healthy dark chocolate business, quoted him on the weekly Getting Started conference call. The quote was, I'm embarrassed to admit, a new one for me.
But it's so well-known that even has it on a mug, a picture of
which I will try to post right now (remember, despite some of my ambitious
aspirations, I am a computer neophyte).

Wow! I did it on the first try...that may seem a simple task to you, but for me it is a major step forward in my computer learning curve. Just around the corner, audio and video podcasts.

And isn't that simple quote a thing of beauty and power. If you can just sit back, pop a piece of healthy dark chocolate in your mouth, letting it dissolve very, very slowly, and think on what Emerson said. Here's a man who was born over two hundred years ago, in 1803, and articulated his principles and secrets of successful living better than most of today's motivational teachers can ever dream of doing. And all
his stuff is available online and free to you right now. The great miracle of the Internet is that it gives you access to all the wisdom and knowledge human beings have produced throughout history.

I was speaking to a dear friend today and commented that we have access to information and a range of sources today that you couldn't have come up with twenty years ago if you had a couple of billion dollars in the bank. In knowledge and information today, we are richer than the richest and noblest and most brilliant people who ever lived on Earth. Talk about The Law of Increase!

and by the way:
I also talk in Moneylove about the relationship between you and other people in doing business, and the dangers of having large impersonal institutions handling all of our finances. It took a while, but we now see where that has gotten us. That's why I am enjoying the relationships I have with my partners in the healthy dark chocolate business. And you could be one of them. Check out my three-minute voice recording on this at (650) 589-8495, or check out
my website, and watch the short video, or just
email me for more information on how you can get involved and even get some of the delicious chocolate to taste.

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barryd said...

Thank you Jerry - Inspired

You make a great point with:
"Most of the powerful ideas in the
universe have been around a long, long time"

Barry D