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Here's a powerful thought for you to mentally and emotionally digest:  If you
don't find at least one valuable idea, statement, resource, or change to make in your current life in this single blog posting--then you may as well give up the idea of personal growth and becoming more successful forever!  And they
aren't all my ideas and thoughts and concepts by a longshot.  I'm going to share with you some of my mentors in this new life of mine. Only a very few,
the rest will come down the road.

And what, for me, determines true value and inspiration?  Someone who can boil it all down. Take all the wisdom and philosophies and positive thinking concepts and prosperity consciousness strategies, and create one sentence that will inform, delight, and inspire you.

Not an easy task, though a simple one for sure. Jesus, one of the all-time
great prosperity teachers, had it in one phrase:  
Ask and ye shall receive.

You can have all your secrets and books and seminars about the law of attraction--this simple phrase says it all. You could spend a lifetime studying all its facets and permutations, but all you really need is the one
phrase to get you started.

I remember when I was out promoting Moneylove, I came up with one sentence to describe what the book was about:  "It's about loving yourself enough to only do work you love that loves and serves other people and
will attract all the money you want."  I know, it could probably be shortened
and use a comma or two, but that's the book in a nutshell. In the past, I
often thought we are too constricted by our constructions. What I mean by that is that we, for hundreds of years, have had this idea that the heftier a book is, the more packed with information, the more valuable it is. It's been
a very limiting concept. I've often thought it would be a great idea to distill everything important I have to say and teach into a handful of pages, put it
between a nice front and back cover, and charge the same as a 400 page book. The difference would be that people could get the essence of it right away without ploughing through all the flora and fauna of verbal filler.

And the Internet has started moving people in that direction. I recently paid $9.95 for a one page research paper--in fact it wasn't even
a full page. And the Internet gurus who teach people how to produce a successful e-book, all agree that 20 to 49 pages is about it. And these may be in big print. And may cost from $19.95 to $199.95.  Sometimes, of course, if technical details are necessary, a book should be longer. But that's
the point--its size should be determined by what the author has to say, not by some predetermined length everyone agrees should be the official standard of book length. And don't you find, as was true with Jesus, that
the best communicators are the ones who can spell it all out for you in as few words as possible?

Let's get to a specific example of this. As part of my life of discovery since
coming back out into the world from 12 years in prison, I recently discovered Timothy Ferriss, who wrote a bestselling book, 
The 4-Hour Work Week. How's that for putting it all in a nutshell? Can anyone have trouble figuring out what the book is about after hearing or seeing that title? And especially after reading his descriptive subtitle: 
Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich.
Anyway, Tim has one of the most entertaining and informative blogs I read
regularly. And I really am very picky about choosing blogs.  Check it out at:

And I just read an article by Tim that has a life-changing, game-changing title. And it's all contained in one sentence: 
 Start-Up Strategy:
To Change The Game, Change The Economics Of How It's Played.

I'm not going to attempt to paraphrase what the article says, read it for yourself. But it's one of those ideas that you have to juggle around in your head, spend some time processing, and then use to stimulate your own innovative thinking in relationship to your own business.

And, finally, at least for this post, let me mention Attila Hevesy. He's one of the top distributors and trainers in MXI Corp, who produce the healthy dark chocolate called Xocai that I help promote and am totally addicted to.
Attila (and I love the nerve it must take to walk around in that name) has come up with a single sentence that addresses all the desires, concerns, and questions someone might have about Xocai healthy dark chocolate.
It's a one-sentence question,
and so simple it can be applied to countless other business models:

"How would you like to solve that with chocolate?"

I meet someone who is struggling financially (right now, almost everyone), or has a major health issue, like high blood pressure, diabetes, a heart condition, periodontal disease. And I just say, "How would you like to solve that with chocolate?"

I guarantee it gets someone's attention. The irony of it. Here's an item that was heretofore thought of as a confection, an indulgence, a guilty pleasure--and now I am outrageously suggesting it could solve someone's biggest problems. And I'm right, it can. The sentence itself is so mind-boggling as to put someone a bit off-center for a moment, and more receptive to whatever I say next. 

I'm getting hungry right now, just thinking about it, so I'm going to solve it with a yummy Xocai Nugget, which I will allow to melt slowly in my mouth as I think about what to prepare for lunch.  There will be lots more about some powerful sentences, blogs, and mentors' websites in upcoming posts over the next few weeks.

And, of course, it's time for the commercial. Short and not-too-sweet, if you want to find out more about my Xocai dark chocolate prosperity team, contact me at,
or check out the short video at my website,
Your sample awaits you when you let me know where to send it.

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