Thursday, August 12, 2010


First of all, let me say this: There is nothing wrong with once-in-a-while wasting time, getting caught up in a completely nonsatisfying and noncreative and nonproductive waiting game.
We all do it, in business, in personal relationships, in living normal lives.

But we should also understand that there is no way to really come out ahead when you even temporarily postpone living in exchange for something you are waiting for down the road a bit. I reaffirmed this for myself in recent weeks as I discovered that I was playing my own waiting game. For one thing, I am waiting to hear from the powers that be whether I will be released one year early from my three year parole commitment--and thus free to get a passport and travel and generally get on with my life. If you a newcomer to my blog and life story, you can catch up by going to the very first posting on this blog, WHERE IN THE WORLD IS JERRY GILLIES? or by reading the Appendix in my free ebook, The Moneylove Manifesto, available at:
Then, I am waiting for two major mentions of my Moneylove Club audio subscription series in two very widely distributed newsletters. Both have been promised by the publishers, who say they are huge fans of my work, but obviously promoting my site is not one of their major priorities as this has been going on for several months now.

So how am I dealing with this? Well, for one thing, by realizing I was indeed playing a waiting game, and understanding that this is not a winning strategy for me or anyone else. Yes, all three of these events can profoundly improve my life--but giving up present time action and momentum isn't going to make them happen any faster. So instead of waiting, I am now doing, being, preparing, and affirming the results I want. I am planning some of the initial traveling I will do once I am off parole and able to get a passport. I am producing my audios as if I already have an audience of thousands, rather than the dozens of charter subscribers now enrolled. And I am exploring other ways to reaching a wider audience, writing articles, looking into affiliate arrangements, and putting myself out there more rather than waiting for others to do so.

Oh, there are still moments of frustration, even anger at being at effect of other people's decisions rather than at cause through my own efforts. But then I remind myself that other people are never responsible for our success or failure, unless we turn over that responsibility to them.
I learned a lot about waiting during 12 years in prison. Waiting a week to make the one 15 minute phone call we were allowed, waiting for mail, waiting for a quarterly package of food treats, waiting in line for a shower, and for meals. And I came out with a lot more patience, and also knowing that the waiting for anything doesn't have to be the primary event happening in that moment. It's what you are thinking and doing and feeling during those waiting times that decides your success. It's what makes you a human being rather than a lump just sitting on a shelf waiting for something to happen.
You can waste a whole life being that frog in the pond waiting for a Prince or Princess to come along and kiss you. In the meantime, you could instead be practicing kissing some cute frogs, taking a course on The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Kissing, taking vitamins to make your lips the softest, most desirable lips anyone could imagine, or think about whether life in a beautiful pond in the middle of a beautiful forest, isn't preferable to life in a cold castle with a partner who is a member of the notoriously inbred royal persuasion.
(I know, it's one of my silliest analogies ever--but I don't care!)