Wednesday, October 6, 2010


It started when my friend Will sent me one of his right wing propaganda links about doom and gloom and how Obama is destroying the Earth with his socialist government takeover policies, etc. In the margin of this web page, I found the following article about an old friend, Barry Farber, and I've just been reminiscing in my mind about some fond memories as a guest on his New York radio show.

I first met Barry in the 1970s when my friend Randie Levine was producing his show. I usually was a guest whenever I had a book to promote, or was doing a Moneylove Seminar in the city. Barry had a unique voice, and those amazing language skills, and ended segments with a unique kind of teaser that made you want to keep listening after one of his masterful commercials. Along with my other good friend, Long John Nebel, he ruled the late night airwaves, not only in New York, but in many other states the show was heard in.

Barry was responsible for one of the great thrills of my life when about 3am, after we finished a stint on his show, he took me as his guest to the comedian's table at The Stage Deli, where several world famous comedians were gathered. At the time, these included Phyllis Diller, Henny Youngman, Sid Caesar, and Milton Berle, whom I think was in New York to be honored by The Friars Club. I also met a woman Barry was dating and later, with his permission, I went out with her a few times. She was a beautiful Hungarian woman who was supposedly a Princess.

Another memorable Farber moment occurred when the other guest on his show was Gloria Swanson, legendary film actress of silent film fame and star of the iconic Billy Wilder film, Sunset Boulevard. She had to be in her late eighties at least, but was still majestic, lovely, and very energetic, keeping up with Barry and me all through the night on the air. She had brought a number of little Tupperware containers filled with various healthy food items as she was hyperglycemic and had to eat frequently. This was before it came out that she had been the longtime mistress of JFK's father, Joseph Kennedy, when he was a film producer in Hollywood.

Barry Farber also had an ill-fated run for mayor of New York, but was trounced by Ed Koch. He's an amazing guy and his far out political views now don't diminish my affection and admiration for his broadcast skills one bit.

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