Sunday, September 9, 2012


It isn't only babies, puppies and kittens who like shiny new things. We all do all our lives. There are often jokes made about men and women and their new toys obtained during a mid-life crisis. Men going out and buying a new sports car, women buying new breasts.

But beyond the humor, there is something serious going on here, and as I look back on those things that keep me going, keep me creatively productive, keep me growing and changing with zest and vitality--and keep friends and strangers amazed at how alive and youthful and adventurous I am in my so-called senior years--I realize that a lot of it has to do with my intention and commitment to keep my life filled with shiny new things.

In 2012, these include my first stand-up comedy performance at San Francisco's famed Purple Onion, after a course at San Francisco Comedy College; and my upcoming visit to Panama next month, which is really an advance scouting expedition preparatory to my relocating to that Central American nation early next year. And my first prosperity workshop in over twenty years later this month at Unity San Francisco, which will serve as a model for a series I will be presenting around the world. 

What keeps my consciousness filled with joy and passion and robust expectations is the fact I keep my mind and my life filled with shiny new things. This is so much easier to do than at any time in human history. We have the Internet now, that provides us with instant access to every new thing happening on the entire planet. 

In fact, if anything, we have to be careful not to become inundated with these shiny new things. Sometimes I find myself beating them off with a stick, metaphorically speaking. Personal editorial discretion is more necessary than ever.  

In the past 48 hours, I have added several of these shiny new things that keep me young and excited about life. In my bi-monthly trip to Trader Joe's amazing technicolor world of foodstuffs largely unobtainable anywhere else, as always, I decided to explore some new items, which I tasted and tested the very day I got them. And now I have two new food addictions, dark-chocolate covered Powerberries and Thai Lime Chili Cashews. I also made the online acquaintance of a fan of my Moneylove book and tapes overseas, and we've had some fun email exchanges in the past few days, which could lead to some collaboration on future projects. 

Here's the point. If we have the intention to keep a steady flow of newness that we embrace flowing into our lives, we maintain a certain level of excitement and anticipation that I believe generates hormonal and neurological regeneration. On the other hand, as pleasant as it may be, if we only stick to paths and experiences already known so as to maintain a high comfort level, we risk the danger of falling by the wayside in terms of youthful aliveness and a productive, creative mind. It is up to you how up you want you to be and feel.

Something shiny and new worth exploring, if you haven't done so yet, is my other blog, focused on prosperity in all its glory.

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