Sunday, October 28, 2012


I've now been back in the Bay Area for a week after my return from my exploratory trip to Panama, in preparation for my move there on February 1st. All of the reasons I cited in my previous post for choosing this move have been dramatically reinforced and expanded. 

A lot of this has to do with the quality of the people I've met, mostly through my good friend and Panama mentor, Tony Busse. I would be willing to bet that no one has ever emigrated to a new country with more of a solid network of influential contacts and potential good friends. The food and beautiful women were way beyond my expectations, and even during the "rainiest month of the year," not a single drop fell on my head during the entire ten days, so that I still have never opened the umbrella I brought. I bought a windproof model over six months ago for the normally yucky San Francisco climate, but it hasn't rained here either for a long time--well maybe a couple of times, but not when I had to be out in it. 

My friend, Barbara Winter, whom I interviewed/dialogued with for the Moneylove Club audio series this month, says, "Figure out where the adventure is and optimize it."  My newest adventure will be later today at the Apple Store in San Francisco when I buy my very first smartphone, an iPhone 4S. It takes a year or two to get a landline in Panama, and I want to immediately start using an app that offers speech recognition Spanish, so I can just say a phrase into it and it will come back with the correct Spanish phrase. I can use it to communicate with non-English speakers, and also be learning the language. But once I get down there, I will enroll in a Spanish class at the University of Panama. 
Yes, I'd say I'm optimizing my adventure big time.
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