Sunday, July 21, 2013


I was reflecting and pondering various things earlier today and I suddenly pictured myself being interviewed and someone asking me if I thought I was very smart, fairly smart, or not so smart at all. I realized that I really couldn't give an authentic answer to that question.

I think I am exceptionally brilliant in certain specific areas, and pretty dumb in others--and somewhere in-between in still other aspects of life. Three ways in which I think I am very smart:

1. I can write about almost anything at almost any time without ever having writer's block.

2. I can get up and speak to a large audience with no fear and go on spontaneously for hours at a time.

3. I can see the humor in almost anything, and can come up with a gag or quip or witticism on a moment's notice.

And here's where I am most brilliant:  I have chosen to focus most of my life's activities on professions and careers that those attributes are best suited for. As a broadcast journalist, speaker, and author and comedy gagwriter and stand-up comedian, I have been able to tap into the things I am smartest at.

On the other hand.

1. I am a technological idiot. Really. The only thing that allows me to stumble forward in my computer and Internet activities is that I spent at least an hour a week for three years at The Apple Store in San Francisco, using the fantastic One-to-One $99 a  year service, and sometimes asking the same dumb questions two or three times before I sort of figured it out.

2. I am really not good at business and marketing, and am always looking for other people with those talents so I can focus on my own talents at creating content.

3. I am still often clueless about women, who continuously mystify me. Remnants of my very shy teenage self remain. Despite this, I have been blessed to have had great friendships and relationships with amazing women who are beautiful inside and out--and even that sometimes mystifies me. 

I think most of us are smarter and dumber than average in certain things, and the trick is to know which is which.

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