Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Back in January, I received one of the first emails from someone who had discovered my new blog by Googling me. It was Kevin Delaney:

Hi, Jerry:

A few years back, I discovered a paperback copy of Moneylove in a used bookstore -- a place with a "bargain room," where you could walk out with an armload of 15 books for just $2.

Moneylove is, without question, the very best 13.3 cents I have ever spent! :)

I could go on at length about the many benefits I've gained from your work. (I later bought your Nightingale-Conant tape set, and your voice has been a frequent companion in my car and on morning walks.) If I had to limit myself to just one idea that I've learned from you, it would have to be the utter futility of worrying about money. Fretting and getting bent out of shape over financial matters, I am convinced, is one of the most poverty-inducing things that people do.

There's a point on one of your tapes where you say that you cannot wait until you become prosperous before you stop worrying about money -- "You've got to stop the worrying NOW." That sentence has served me very well over the past several years.

My career brings me much joy, and prosperity of a kind I find difficult to communicate: I'm an actor in Los Angeles, with special emphasis in voiceover.

Kevin invited me to a voiceover workshop he was doing in San Francisco, and he took me out to dinner afterward. It was to a vegan restaurant, Herbivore, for which I will always be indebted to him, as I found the first natural root beer in thirty years of looking that actually didn't taste like medicine. It's called Natural Brew, and I recently ordered a case of it online.

Anyway, Kevin is now sharing some of his own prosperity wisdom, and says some stuff on this latest podcast on Reaching The Next Level that is very worth paying attention to. It's about one of my main themes nowadays, the need to be discriminating, selective, even very picky in one's life.
Well, listen for yourself to his seven minutes on this concept. Even though it's aimed at voiceover artists, it is definitely something we can all benefit from hearing.

But perhaps even more profound, his podcast on Big Money Versus Small Money. Both are at:

I don't know if Kevin thinks of himself as a prosperity teacher, but this qualifies him as one of the better ones. From Moneylove fan to inspiring teacher--that's one of the biggies that makes this work so rewarding.

And do check out his Looney Tunes cartoon voiceover. As well as some of his other stuff at

Of course, this relates to my previous blog on going from the sublime to the ridiculous
and vice versa, which looks like a continuing major theme in my life.


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