Wednesday, July 29, 2009


A Race Horse’s Biggest Problem

A friend just emailed me from England to tell me he was heading for the races at Ascot. This conjured up all sorts of images of elegant people milling about, especially beautiful women in beautiful hats, as recalled from that famous scene in My Fair Lady.

But then I got to think about the poor main attraction, the race horse, champing at the bit in the stable stall, waiting for his moment of glory as thousands of people were more involved in eating strawberries and cream than in caring about him. And then, finally, he is led up to the track itself, put into the starting gate, and still he has to wait. What for? He has to wait before he is even allowed to participate for the starter to open up the gate and let him go. He is in a cramped, frustrating prison, until someone yells, “They’re off!” and he is free to show his stuff. And if something goes wrong, and the gate has a mechanical failure and doesn’t open, or opens a second or two late, he is finished before he starts.

Think about your own situation. Are you waiting for someone to open the gate for you? Are you frustrated and champing at the bit, ready to run the race, to show what you can do, but you just can’t seem to get started?

What separates us human beings from race horses, as magnificent creatures as they are, is that we can open own own starting gate. So what are you waiting for?

So I just wrote the above piece and wanted to share it. It may go into my revised and updated

e-book edition of Moneylove, due for online publication by early Fall. I just listened to some of the top prosperity teachers in the world on the Virtual Abundance Expo webinar series.

Some were friends of mine, so I won't get specific. But a lot of their stuff was rehashed old material. Even some stuff directly taken from Moneylove or my seminars. I don't mind this, in fact I encourage it, but this is supposed to be cutting edge stuff, and no one really came up with any innovative new takes on prosperity.

Of course, this merely inspires me to keep working on some new paradigms and perspectives on abundance and having a prosperous life going way beyond financial success. And because of my own experience in emerging from 12 years in prison broke and living on Social Security, I am able to talk about what I am now doing to come back stronger and more successful than ever--and take my readers along with me by sharing my specific strategies.

What a great opportunity to use myself as a human prosperity laboratory. And I have this medium so that everyone can tune in and check my progress. This is going to be a fun year!


By the way, my plans now include release of a powerful new e-book that will be a gift to introduce people to the impending publication of the new Moneylove. The first downloads of this will be available within a few weeks. To get a free copy in appreciation for your support, just contact me with your

email address. No heavy-duty marketing onslaught will result, I promise. And to clarify--this will not be a long marketing letter, but an actual e-book with lots of valuable strategies you can immediately apply in your life.

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