Tuesday, September 8, 2009


This is about the biggest secret in the universe. Despite the huge readership of Napoleon Hill's Think And Grow Rich, which in its very title revealed that secret, despite the huge viewership of the film The Secret, despite my talking for over thirty years about this concept of enrolling your subconscious mind as your primary ally--despite all of this, most people have not gotten it yet. Perhaps it's an evolutionary process and most people just aren't ready yet.

On the other hand, perhaps we're all ready and just haven't believed it enough to put it into action. It's all about The Power of Intention. What do you intend for yourself--this must come before you start attracting what you want. I remember a psychologist many years ago, whose name is long forgotten though his important message is not, saying that nothing is more vital that what you intend for yourself. Do you intend to fail or do you intend to succeed? Do you intend for next year to be the same as this year or better? The one comment I think is most impressive about someone you admire is, "She certainly has made the most of her life."

Have you made the most of your life? Whatever your situation, can you honestly say you have gotten to where you intended to get?

And here I'll reveal to you one of my big secrets for being happy most of the time. It's pretty simple. It's loving your mind. Not just paying lip service when you hear how powerful your mind and subconscious are, but truly loving them for their awesome power, their faithful obedience to your every desire.

I have always loved the way my mind works, the magical thoughts and ideas it comes up with the delight and often surprise me. It's one of the reasons I've always avoid mind-altering substances. While I don't judge others for what they tend to do, I have always felt that taking drugs is like tossing a rotting pile of garbage on someone you love. And I don't drink alcohol, smoke, or even drink coffee for the same reason. I suggest to you that if you love your mind, you will also avoid these substances. Left to its own natural devices, your mind will give you everything you want. And the first step is your intention.


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David said...

I do believe in synchronicity as I experience it, and someone just described the same process as you do on the radio. I can explain why people don't get it very easily. Firstly there's an inbuilt paradox, you want one thing but get something else. Our minds are linear, this is 4 dimensional so cannot be grasped with the linear mind. Secondly regardless how the subconscious works to sabotage success, none of the material old or new explains a simple way to overcome this paradox. Feeling like you've got something in The Secret just sets up a conflict that inevitably ends up cancelling out the intention.

If you can explain how to undo the sabotage the subconscious has on our plans then you will become rich not from magic but logic. I wish you luck but you seem to have the key whether you know it or not.