Thursday, September 3, 2009


This blog is now about everything else in my life--everything other than prosperity, success, and my Moneylove projects. For that abundance stuff, my new blog is available at:

Of course, everything in my life is really about prosperity, especially when you accept that prosperity is about much more than money--it's about health, and creative joy, and love, and all the good things one could hope and dream about.

And it's all very connected. For instance, in my new book, The Moneylove Manifesto, available for you to download free at:,
I mention Maggie Steincrohn Davis, who was my relationship partner during the period I was creating Moneylove, and with whom I spent two years traveling around the U.S. and Canada in our customized motorhome. We both felt it was silly to wait until we were at retirement age to enjoy that lifestyle. It was an amazing adventure--for awhile it almost looked like it would be made into a movie starring Meg Ryan, but that's a whole other story. Maggie has remained a nurturing, supportive friend all these years. She's an amazing woman, as you can see when you check out:

Anyway, in an email exchange just yesterday, she sent me a quote from her book, Caring In
Remembered Ways, which had a line I just fell in love with. See if you can guess which line:

Caring in remembered ways is caring in ways the heart knows and the world longs for. It is being all we are for the sake of all of us, moving beyond courtesy and kindness and empathy to the living compassion—the fruit of seeing deeply—that enlivens all the rest.

No lights swirled while I was writing. I heard no voices. I saw no spirits. My guide was my own knowing. Many years I've spent recognizing my own knowing. More years I've spent trying to live it, first for my good, mostly—now, for greater good.

I confess I could have condensed this book into one sentence. See deeply the beauty and interconnectedness of all life; then think, speak and act from what you see. This understanding is the touchstone I hold my choices to and the ideal I grow toward. My lifework is to embody this understanding, planting seeds of it wherever I go.

I dedicate Caring in Remembered Ways to healing professionals and volunteers—all caregivers, in whatever setting—who long to be more present and tender. I dedicate it to parents and teachers who wish to be better role models for children, to all people young and older—well or in pain, joyful or sorrowing—who, regardless of world (or personal) predicament, aspire to live purposeful, nurturing lives. I dedicate it to creatures of air and earth and water all around.

Ways of being as well as ways of caring weave throughout the words I've written here. Surely, no one can say where being ends and caring begins. Who we are colors all we do and give.

As you read on, I hope you feel we are sitting together—you who hold my book in your hands and I, who have put myself into its pages. Perhaps you will be reminded of your own growing and caring times and of all you might have written here, as well. The practical mercies, revelations, stories, personal accounts, challenges, and ponderings that follow are echoes of the wisdom living deep in every heart.

It was the line in the above paragraph: "I hope you feel we are sitting together--you who hold my book in your hands and I, who have put myself into its pages." What a great image for the connection between writer and reader. And it is exactly what I tried to achieve with The Moneylove Manifesto and will try even more so to create in the upcoming revised and annotated edition of the original Moneylove. And on both my blogs as well. Thank you for sitting with me for this one.

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