Friday, October 23, 2009


On a pretty regular basis, I come upon new and fascinating websites, some of which open whole new worlds of discovery, some of which are just entertaining, visually appealing, at their highest level of interest and entertainment in those first few moments of discovery.

One of the latter was stumbled upon when I did my monthly Google Search on my name, and came up with:
That one "e" missing from the name brought up a whole new site, and check it out mainly for the 3D visual animation, which is something I'd like to find out more about and eventually use on one of my own sites in some other form. The most pleasure I got from this one was in the finding it and seeing it for the first time. This reminds me of an experience I had in church (and in citing these two examples, I am not trying to make any veiled reference to the ephemeral quality of religion) when making eye contact with an absolutely stunning young woman. She gave me a big smile and nod of recognition so that I would have thought I knew her, but she is not someone you would ever forget once catching even a glimpse. In the hospitality period following the service, she came over to me and introduced herself and we started talking. And disillusion immediately set in. She had an annoying voice and as we were talking, the term, "as dumb as a tree stump" came to mind. But that does not negate those first moments of eye contact and flirtation. And by the way, the message was given on Sunday by Wes Nisker, a fascinating guy who talks about science and spirituality and you should listen to one of his talks (he's also quite funny) at:

And finally, in another serendipitous discovery, I did something I rarely do, watched the Jay Leno interview (I usually just catch his monologue)--It was an interview I wouldn't have thought I would enjoy, with Rainn Wilson, a co-star of The Office. I've never been a big fan of the show, which I admit is well-written and performed, it just isn't my style of comedy. But Rainn is quite interesting and his parents, as he described them, even more so. They were sort of hippies in the 1970s, all living on a houseboat in Seattle. He was exposed to all sorts of spiritual adventures and lifestyles of the unconventional. And he has started a pretty amazing website:

This one can entice you in for hours of curious and fun exploration with its many videos.

While there are some pitfalls to the sheer amounts of material available online, one thing it should have abolished completely is boredom. How can anyone be bored at any age with so much stuff to discover, learn about and learn from, and play with. And I find that, for my own creative health and sanity, I have to do some budgeting of my Internet activity. So many hours spent learning how to do business online and improve and eventually monetize my blogs, so many hours writing the blogs and researching and writing my upcoming books, so many hours checking out sites that offer new and unusual and fun things to watch and listen to, and so many hours trying to find and reconnect with old friends and old fans--to let them know I am back in the world and would like to reunite in some mutually positive way.

Happy Surfing,

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