Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So I've been thinking quite a bit in recent days about the impending arrival of 2010. It somehow seems more significant than the arrival of 2000 and this new millennium did. Of course, I was in prison at that time, which might have something to do with my perception. But I think a lot of millennium plans and dreams and aspirations got sidetracked by the events of 9/11 and what followed.

This got me to thinking that the end of a decade of this millennium would be a good time to regroup, to restart, to create a new beginning for ourselves. I have therefore decided to come out into the world earlier than originally planned, with some assistance and coaching for those who want to use 2010 in this way. It's still being formulated, but it will involve a monthly audio coaching session and strong accountability on the part of participants--I won't want people who just want a shot of motivation, but those who are ready, willing, and able to take action to take a new direction in their lives.

It was also good timing that I did a workshop this past weekend with Dr. Maria Nemeth, author of The Energy Of Money, and a very focused and highly effective coach:

On my prosperity blog, http://www.MoneyloveBlog.com, I did a whole post on that experience, though there's lots more I could have said and quoted, and I am looking forward to including some of her ideas and concepts in my revised, annotated, and updated new edition of Moneylove. Dr. Nemeth talked a lot about physical reality versus metaphysical reality, calling the latter the realm of ideas and dreams. She also said it was always difficult when we approach the border between metaphysical reality and physical reality. And a quote that one can ponder for quite a while:

"A moment of discomfort is a small price to pay for enlightenment."
In addition to keeping most of the text of the original for MoneyloveNow!, I will be more than doubling the size of the book, probably in several editions for the online versions. Part of that expansion will be material from current prominent prosperity teachers who have impressed me, and have agreed to extensive interviews, as has Maria Nemeth. My criteria for choosing these people is that they impress me with the quality and relevance of their ideas about money and success in all areas of life, and are not merely regurgitating old maxims, and retelling old stories from previous prosperity masters (myself included). Another criteria is that they see prosperity as more than just financial success. Maria Nemeth talks about the six areas of energy:
Physical Vitality

And as you get ready to enter the next decade of this new millennium, you might ask yourself which of these areas you would most like to focus on in 2010.


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