Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So here's my brand new rule:

Any entrepreneur, marketing guru, newsletter publisher, seller of coaching, courses, books or audios who emails me more than once a week is going to be either unsubscribed or automatically deleted without opening--forevermore.

Why? Because we all need to have the same comprehensive immigration plan many are advocating for the U.S. government. We need to figure out what to do with the tons of information that has already come in, and ways of being selective about what is bombarding our minds on a daily, make that hourly basis. We need to set up borders and border controls. And you get to decide what kind of control you want to assert, but you need to stop leaving it up to others to decide for you.

Tighter border security is a must. Too much useless, time-consuming, repetitious, and deceptive material is inundating our emails and our brains. I'm been campaigning for a long time on the need for all of us to exercise more selectivity, discrimination, and wisdom in deciding what we let in.

I also have been have been eliminating old emails from my files. Most marketing programs and internet gurus and ebook and webinar producers get my alternate email address, and in just a few months, I had built up a collection of 11,000 unread emails. True, some might have interesting or entertaining or even useful information. But I don't have a staff to go through them all, and can't see a window to do so considering how much new stuff is constantly flowing in. So I adopted another rule that says anything I haven't opened or done anything about in ninety days gets deleted. And I started off this new immigration policy by deleting all 11,000 emails from that address. What a freeing, uplifting message I now get:

There are no emails in your Inbox folder

Most of all I'm excited that I now have room for the really important, joyful, wonderful stuff.
I have friends who are imprisoned by the sheer glut of their email Inboxes. One told me she hadn't read one of my emails that had some time relevant information I knew she wanted and needed--she was three weeks behind in opening any emails at all. So a new mantra in this regard might be:


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Barbara said...

I am joining this revolution.