Sunday, January 1, 2012


Well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that most people don't really don't take advantage of the opportunities offered by a brand new year. Sure, we make resolutions and perhaps take stock of our lives and look at how the last year has been, but in terms of making major changes, or developing new perspectives, most people have a pretty dismal record.

I just berated myself for doing something that I would call, "same old, same old." It wasn't anything criminal or even destructive to me or anyone else, it was just an old habit and I had a clear intention to start out this new year with a whole new set of behaviors and perceptions and actions.

So I decided to make up for my backsliding by actually doing something on this first day of the new year that I have never done before--something I have thought about doing over a number of years, but for some reason have never taken the plunge. It wasn't anything monumental or earth-shaking, but it was something new, something different, and involves somewhat of a risk. You may think it's silly when I tell you.

I placed an order with Omaha Steaks after years of getting their mailings. I've heard their food is good quality, and it was a pretty amazing $49.95 offer. But I'm not even sure I will be able to fit it all in the freezer I share with three housemates. And I'm not sure I will even be able to prepare all of it, since our oven hasn't worked in a couple of years, and I have to cook food in a fry pan or in the microwave. Steaks and stuffed sole and pork chops and stuffed potatoes, gourmet franks and steak burgers and a six piece cutlery set will be a fun package to receive in a week or so. It is something new, after all, and it helps underline that 2012 is also brand new and gives me many new opportunities to reboot myself and my life.

And on this first day of the new year, I've set myself a task that I will finish before I go to sleep tonight. I am making a list of 10 New Things To Do This Year I Have Never Done Before. And all of them have to be things that I think will meet one of my criteria for living a prosperous life, in that they each will have to bring me Pleasure, Profit, or Knowledge.

I'm adding a task that I can tackle in the coming days and weeks. Once I have that list, and know whether it will bring me some pleasure and fun, or somehow enhance my level of prosperity, or teach me something worthwhile and interesting--then I will try to expand the new thing that I will do to include one or both of the other items. And if I can have it bring me profit, pleasure, and knowledge all at once, that in itself will be a source of fantastic new energy and fulfillment in my life. I invite you to explore this task with me with your own ten new things.
If you aren't a regular reader of my prosperity blog, even this can be a new thing for you this new year.

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