Wednesday, March 27, 2013


To my way of thinking, as I juggle all sorts of aspirations and possibilities, life isn't about having it all, but rather about making room for it all.

Two major go-getters in my life right now are urging me to take some big steps in expanding and enhancing my prosperity consciousness ideas as originally contained in my bestselling book, Moneylove. This has already led to a Spanish edition of the book, which will be ready in an online ebook version within the month. Plans are also underway for a new sequel, plus many new audio products on the same subject. Then there's my new enthusiasm for a book on time and how we perceive and use it. And plans for some big seminar events with a couple of partners throughout Latin America. 

While all of this is going on, I am taking my first Spanish lessons, looking at the best place to take salsa lessons, getting acclimated to a new country, culture, and language, and sampling some new food item almost every day. 

My plan was to have a leisurely time preparing my material to be the very first English-language stand-up comedian in Panama. I already have the offer to perform at a brand new 300-seat-theatre at the elegant new Royal Sonesta Hotel and Casino, whenever I want. It will open in May, or maybe June or July, this, after all, being Panama. Now that effort is being slowly pushed to a back burner, though still very much alive and well. 

My point is that I feel very good about myself and my life right now, and part of this is that I have left room for both to grow in any direction that feels right. More than any specific goals or plans, when I made the move to become an expat, I intended to go with the flow, to follow my heart and to move in any direction where it seemed there was excitement, fun, and positive energy. 

The existential question here is, "How much room have I left in my life to take advantage of opportunities and fun offers that are bound to come up?" Ask yourself, if you have the time and room.

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