Thursday, March 21, 2013


It's a catchy title, though I didn't invent it, but it does not lead to a clear definition. Would having such a regimen mean you are hiding from exercise or embracing it as a way of protecting your health?

For me, the answer is simple--I have been hiding out for a lifetime, even cutting gym back in my schooldays. I don't deny that a moderate amount of working out is beneficial, but have always felt I would rather get my dose in fun and natural activities, like walking and swimming and sex, rather than through the use of exercise equipment or calisthenics. And I cannot count the number of exercise devotees I have outlived and outlaughed. 

I've even talked about this in my comedy act, recounting the true statement that I have successfully avoided doing yoga even though I had a girlfriend who was a yoga teacher. In fact, I say, "I've bent myself out of shape avoiding yoga."

Another challenge will surely come up from a new friend in my life who is a world famous fitness guru. Then again, I survived my friendship with Jack LaLanne without ever succumbing to his blandishments on exercise and juicing. But he certainly was a marvelous testimonial to the benefits of regular workouts. As is another friend, Suzy Prudden, speaker and author following in her mother's footsteps. Bonnie Prudden, who died at 97 in 2011, was the very first TV fitness trainer. 

So there is lots of evidence that fitness is a protection least for some people. But I am an avid libertarian and individualist on this issue. And as such, I reserve the right to completely change my mind. It would be fun to start exercising for the first time at 85 or 90. But if I choose my activity based on the kind of body I would like to have, Dancing With The Stars would be more of an inspiration than Gold's gym or Arnold Schwarzennegger. I'm not planning to take salsa lessons in Panama for this reason, however, but rather for the fun of it. And to my way of thinking, like producing substantial income, the best way to produce a fit body is by doing something you love and have fun at. May I have this dance?
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