Monday, June 29, 2009


So the position I aspire to, and one I created myself (always the best way to give yourself a good chance at getting the job), is that of "information philanthropist."

What does this mean? Well, the dictionary says philanthropy is "the practice of helping people less well-off than oneself." In that context, I suppose an information philanthropist is someone who gives out information to people who haven't had the time, access, or experience to discover it themselves. Right now, I am an information gathering machine, and anyone who has a full time profession or career, along with family obligations, couldn't possible have the time and energy I do to focus on huge amounts of information about all sorts of amazing things.

And what I attempt to do in this blog is share the essential parts of that. Some of it involves my own creative process--my ideas about success, prosperity, life, the meaning of it all. Other parts are the dynamic ideas I discover from others along the way. It all will probably end up in one or more books someday. And it's a two-way street, because I get to use you, my readers, as a laboratory to test this stuff. I am already getting feedback about how this post or that post has impacted a reader's life in very positive ways. I haven't begun yet my efforts to gain a much wider audience, but that will start happening later this year. In the meantime, you are part of a select core group. Another definition of philanthropy is "something intended to promote human welfare."

I also notice that those people whose online activities give away huge amounts of valuable information free are among the most successful people on the planet. They are true information philanthropists, and I consider them major mentors in my life. Two I have mentioned before, but want to share here are Tim Ferriss and my
good friend, Barry Dunlop, whom I mentioned in the post just before this one. Barry and Michael's blog.

The above site was actually created and is run by Barry's his twenty-year-old son, Michael.
though Barry often adds some fantastic interviews he does. A nice Internet guru family operation. Check out how much useful and interesting information there is, and how you are not bombarded with sales pitches. In fact, you would find it difficult to find out what, if anything, either the Dunlops or Tim Ferriss is selling as opposed to giving away.

Look at these blogs in comparison to those from "information misers"--those entrepreneurs who tease you with "secrets" they will share only if you give them your email address, or buy their initial offer. I would venture to say that you can take the information available on both these sites and build a successful Internet business, without ever buying a single thing from either Tim Ferriss or Barry and Michael Dunlop. But one thing is certain, when they do offer me something to buy, I'll be more than willing to give it serious consideration. They have discovered the secret of business success in this new information oriented world we live in--build appreciation, affection, and trust and
you build relationships that last. In other words, tell me something valuable I can use in my life and you have a friend for life.

And by the way, one of the reasons I was so attracted to MXI, the company that produces and markets Xocai, the world's healthiest dark chocolate and possibly most powerful superfood, is that they give tremendous amounts of information away free, on websites, videos, telephone conference calls, etc. If interested in checking it out for a fantastic business opportunity, just contact me at

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