Sunday, June 21, 2009


Well, my last post was done and all sorts of stuff I would liked to have added popped into my head. Then I got several responses asking for more. And I am writing this as I take a break from taking a break. My original task is going through literally hundreds of articles and research reports on the health benefits of dark chocolate for my book on that subject. I decided to take a break and write some cartoon gags, which sort of refreshes my brain as well as my sense of humor. And after writing about twelve of the thirty gags I will turn out to send to one of my favorite cartoonists, Roy Delgado, to look over and select anywhere from one to six to draw up and submit to magazines, I decided to come here and turn out this blog posting.

A couple of the Delgado gags I just wrote:


“What makes you think having you all hate my guts isn’t part of my master plan?”



“If you were a car company, the government would have sold you off for parts long ago.”

As I've already mentioned, writing gags while sitting in a cell at Folsom State Prison gave me spending money and kept my sanity and sense of humor alive. One of those turned into this cartoon in PARADE, the magazine distributed in Sunday papers to over 100 million Americans.

It amuses me to think of those hundred million people seeing this cartoon with their Sunday morning cup of coffee, and having no idea that the idea was conceived by a convict sitting in a cell at Folsom. Bunny Hoest, the widow of a very successful cartoonist named Bill Hoest, for whom I did gags way back in the 1960s, has carried on, with her drawing partner, John Reiner, Bill's tradition as well as very accurately duplicating his style. She also does The Lockhorns for King Features and a few other panels and strips.

I can't seem to figure out how to get rid of that large space between the cartoon and my text, so may just leave it in for now until I get some computer advice.

I also wanted to share a couple of more exceptionally (I think--but to each his own--so decide for yourself) funny web links.

This one is for what I laughed my head off watching, a joke that is very current with all the debate on torture, but probably dates back thirty years, when it appeared on the Johnny Carson edition of The Tonight Show:

When the web page comes up, go to the right and click on Komedy Klassics and the joke, by Charlie Callas, will appear.

And then one of the best comedy sites around, which you may well have

already discovered, is Will Ferrell's FunnyOrDie. I just discovered this

great political parody, which I'm amazed I never encountered during the

election season:

And one of the great things about online exploration is that both these sites you now have links to provide a wealth of other very funny material you can spend hours, even days laughing at and with. Enjoy exercising those endorphins!


And by the way, I still love eating my dark chocolate while

looking at something funny. Do contact me via emal-- to find out more about the hottest

business opportunity I've found in this economy. Also, send

me your e-address if you want to know about future Moneylove

book projects coming up this summer. No huge onslaught of

emails will arrive, I promise...just a very occasional

announcement of something fun and profitable.

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