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I realize in looking over recent posts, that I haven't often referred to a defining moment in my life, my twelve years of incarceration that ended less than a year ago. Of course, in my very first posting, WHERE IN THE WORLD IS JERRY GILLIES?, I go into some detail. And I have a pretty complete description of the circumstances that led to this in my upcoming e-book. But I don't often think about or dwell on the actual day-to-day events of that experience. Several books down the road, when I am finally ready to write my prison memoir, hopefully filled with humor and uplifting revelations, I will go into depth on this. In the meantime, I mostly use it as a reference, to describe my unique perspective, gained by bursting back into the world like a full grown newborn.

One of those things that at first seem contradictory, but really isn't, is the fact that there are two nearly opposite awarenesses that loom large in my consciousness.
One is the profoundly humbling experience of knowing for certain that the world very easily got along without me for twelve long years.
And the other is knowing that I was making an impact all this time through my books and tapes, my legacy so to speak.

In Moneylove, I quote noted psychologist Dr. Sid Simon, who popularized the concept of Values Clarification, and was first introduced to me by my old friend Jack Canfield.
Sid talked about the reasons people choose the work they do. There were four.
Money; Stimulation/Excitement; Love and Affection; Leave a Thumbprint on the
World. And one of the ways he suggests people accomplish the last is by creating a
product with a long shelf life. I would modify this to include a piece of information, such as a book, or a service, such as a course--though both of these are actually "products".

My first inkling, as I've mentioned before, that I may have left my thumbprint, were all the references to and quotes by me appearing in great numbers on the Internet. But now that I have this blog and people are beginning to be aware that I am back and have a way to reach me via email, I am hearing all sorts of positive feedback about the impact Moneylove has had on individual lives. Just as I was about to write this, I got the following email:

Dear Mr. Gillies,

I hope all is well with you and this finds you in excellent health.

I am writing to ask if you would put me on your list to let me know when your eBook on Moneylove is available.

I have pasted some of your quotes to other's that I felt they would assist, along with having had them sent to me also. So I would appreciate it if you could keep me in mind when you have a new release.

Thank you for your time.


And one that just came in yesterday:

Hi there Jerry – I love your book Moneylove – it had a profound effect on me when I read it in 1989 – I would love to have the eBook when you do it – thanks so much -

You can be sure both these emails go into my Virtual Compliment Bulletin Board.

This kind of positive feedback is nourishment for the soul, much better than chicken
soup, and just as exciting to receive as a fat check. I think the Internet allows all of us
to leave a thumbprint on the world, to make an impact on other lives. Sometimes this
can be accomplished by just passing on something of value. A new take on an old
reality--as I tried to do about money in Moneylove--or a helpful or uplifting video or
photograph or poem or piece of music. Or creating something uniquely your own and
sharing it online.


And by the way, you can leave a thumbprint on my life by just letting me know what you got out of, learned from or just enjoyed about this blog, or any of my early books. And if I do hear from you, I promise you will be among the first to hear when the newly revised, updated, and annotated Moneylove is ready to appear, plus get a free preview copy of my forty page prosperity report when it is ready in just a few weeks.

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