Sunday, August 16, 2009


I am finding life immensely exciting nowadays. First of all, The Moneylove Manifesto, a
sort of precursor to the new, revised edition of Moneylove that will be published as a series of e-books in less than ninety days, is ready. It has been illustrated, formatted, and is ready to
be introduced. The first public unveiling is on Michael Dunlop's website, which published a
teaser this past week. Check out the WHAT'S TO COME section at the bottom of the page--and if
you explore a bit, there's lots of valuable free information on this site.

Tomorrow, I record a podcast with Barry Dunlop that will also be available shortly on
Michael's website, and you will be able to order a free gift copy of The Moneylove Manifesto at that time.

I am carefully going over the original Moneylove, as I want to keep as much of that intact as possible in the new annotated, revised, updated edition. I will be commenting on the original concepts, offering my discoveries of new ideas and strategies connected with this approach to prosperity consciousness. The new edition will be at least twice as long as the original, as I will expand it in view of the way the world has changed in the decades since its original publication--and particularly the way things have changed for all of us because of the Internet and the instant access we have to everybody and everything on the planet.

As I go through the book, I am highlighting those parts I want to write more about. One
sentence I found in the Introduction caught my attention:

"Wealth is attracted to the person who is emotionally and intellectually ready to accept it, expect it, and enjoy it."

The concept is still true, but I would change it to read "Prosperity" instead of "Wealth."
Wealth is the accumulation of assets that can be converted into money. Prosperity has a wider meaning, and I include in that all the good things we humans aspire to: great health,
good friends, interesting and satisfying work, inner peace, love, a sense of accomplishment, recognition and applause, plus enough money to do what we want with our lives.
I like one dictionary definition of prosperity a lot:
an auspicious state resulting from favorable outcomes

"Hey Jerry--what are you trying to accomplish in your life?"
"That's an easy one to answer, I'm trying to accomplish an auspicious state resulting from favorable outcomes."

That original sentence from Moneylove is also a bit contradicted by one I have in
The Moneylove Manifesto:

Right now, there are people who are a lot dumber

and less talented than you who are

making a lot more money than you.

And it isn't that I've changed on this subject, but that times have changed. Since I wrote the original sentence, the population of millionaires has grown exponentially, geometrically. There have been so many more opportunities to create fortunes since the explosion of the computer age and birth of the Internet. Not that there weren't pretty stupid millionaires then,

just that there are so many more of them now, and they are so much more visible. Off the top of my head, I can name ten celebrities and ten top athletes whose combined intellect is less

than that of a newborn Bonobo ape. But I think it's great that their non-intellectual talents have let them to great success in life. It should be an inspiration to all the rest of us.

For example, I doubt if any one of the twenty above mentioned rich and famous folks could even find their way to this blog. So congratulations, you have already accomplished more than at least twenty millionaires!


And by the way, do send me a request if you want to be one of the first to receive a download of the strategy-packed thirty-nine page edition of The Moneylove Manifesto.

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