Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I usually don't think much about birthdays anymore, but that somehow changed this year as I realized it's an opportunity to take stock and celebrate life. I think we sometimes forget that a birthday means we have survived, and hopefully thrived, still another year. In this uncertain world, that is not always a given. Getting older is a real blessing considering the only alternative.

And what a great time of life this is for me, and becoming even more so. As I am finally off the restrictions of parole in August, this will be the last birthday in captivity of any kind, and I will finally be able to move beyond the Bay area into the rest of the world. Seminars and fun trips await and have been on hold for quite a while now.

Part of today has been spent listening to and editing my interview with David Friedman, whom I talked about in two recent posts on my other blog:

This is for my newest audio program for The Moneylove Club, which you can read all about at the link on top of my MoneyloveBlog website. So much has been said and written about the Law of Attraction, and so much of it is pure poppycock, that it is a revelation to hear David's clarity of vision about how to get what you want.

And traveling from the sublime to the ridiculous, I have been writing material for my debut stand-up comedy performance at a local pizza restaurant next week. When I was sitting in my cell at Folsom State Prison, one of the aspirations that kept me going was the intention to one day audition for Last Comic Standing. That got put on the back burner with the launch of my audio club and other activities, but I am back on course, and eventually plan to offer a one man show I hope to take to New York.

And from the sublime and ridiculous to the ridiculously, sublimely beautiful, I just had a lovely one hour video Skype chat with gorgeous Rupa Cousins in Vermont, and we were even joined for a few moments by her very special cat, Eric.
And today, I got to read some touching birthday greetings from old friends and newer Facebook friends.

And there were special birthday gifts from my friends and super fans, Tony, Barry, and Ned (his Red Lobster gift card bought my birthday lunch), as well as the promise of a belated birthday dinner from lovely Bonnie. So in physical reality, I may have spent this birthday alone in San Mateo County, California, where I don't really know anyone, but because of the richness of my interior life and my creative energy and all the love being sent my way, it has been a full and joyful festival of celebration.

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西表 大自然(馨) said...

Happy birthday Mr.Jerry Gillies !
I'm your book fun in Japan.
I read your book every day.
Love and Money is good book.