Wednesday, March 30, 2011


A week after the actual date, it does seem like my birthday party hasn't waned a bit. Last night was my stand-up comedy debut and I was a hit. Or at least as much of a hit as one can be performing at Famous Johnny's Pizza Restaurant in San Bruno, California. But the audience gave me attention between bites and laughs and even some applause. And with my still good critical eye, I have to say I was probably the best performer of the evening, though there were at least two professionals there. They have some of the moves and timing down better than I do at this early stage in this new career adventure, but I have them on comfort in front of an audience and the quality of my writing. A couple of my biggest laugh lines:

Dogs even have their own Social Media site now,
Do you ever wonder what atheists text instead of OMG?
and "I met a woman who thought the limit of 140 characters on Twitter meant that was how many guys she could sleep with."

Of course, my modestly paying avocation of writing cartoon gags for some top cartoonists has helped keep my sense of humor sharp, and some of those gags can be converted into stand-up lines, like the buttbook line that I have one dog mentioning to another in the cartoon version.

Tomorrow night, I have a belated birthday dinner with my dear friend and theatre historian Bonnie Weiss, who is also taking me to see a one man show, Geezer, at the Marsh Theatre, where they specialize in one man and one woman shows--something I have long aspired to do.

Sunday, after getting a lot of laughs making an announcement about the upcoming film we're showing at Unity SF Friday night, several people came up and asked if I had ever considered doing stand-up comedy, and one was the wife of a prominent comedy coach--another promising connection. As I approach final freedom with parole at the end of August, it seems my life is building momentum in lots of interesting directions. I think it's exciting after being around so long that I have no idea what my major career will be a year or two from now. Will I have another bestselling book? Will I still focus lots of my creative energy on my audio club, and see it grow to one of the largest of its kind online? Will I be traveling the world doing Moneylove Seminars or stand-up comedy in comedy clubs? Will I accomplish my dream of someday doing a one man show in New York?

Or will it be none of the above, but something I can't even imagine now? Serendipity has always been a big factor in my life--happy surprises--and that's one of the things that makes it all so fascinating to me. This may be the best birthday month of all--at least until next year.

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