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I've been thinking about the "placebo effect" in connection with Xocai healthy dark chocolate and the many people who have
reported some amazing and almost unbelievably rapid health results. The operant word here is "unbelievable". Which is why
I strongly contend that the placebo effect is not a large factor in these results. There is nothing wrong with the placebo effect, in fact it probably cures more things than prescription drugs and surgery. The human mind and still largely undiscovered aspects of the immune system are wonders to behold in protecting and healing the body. If you Google "placebo effect" you will get about a million responses. It is defined as a situation in which someone's expectations of being helped by a drug or medical treatment are responsible for the success rather than the treatment itself.

In other words, if a health professional gives you something for your condition and you believe strongly enough in its
effectiveness, it will probably work whether or not it really "works" or not. What is different about dark chocolate as a
healing health food is that hardly anyone really believes it is gong to work until it does. "Chocolate lower my blood pressure?--You've got to be kidding!" "Chocolate help my diabetes?--You're nuts!" are more likely responses. So one has to assume that healthy dark chocolate works its magic in spite of the placebo effect, not because of it.

I first learned of the power of this heavily researched medical subject way back in the early days of its public awareness,
when hardly anyone had heard of the placebo effect. I wrote about it in my 1981 book, PSYCHOLOGICAL IMMORTALITY, and had discussions on the subject with my mentor and the genius who first introduced a lot of people, including doctors, to
the whole subject--Norman Cousins. He gave me what I think still stands out as a great example-case history:

"Is the mind that powerful? Can the mind actually make things happen just because it believes that they will happen? Let me give you an example. They brought about 200 medical students together. They were testing a new tranquilizer, but they also wanted to test a new stimulant. The researchers conducting the test held up a red pill, the stimulant, in front of the students, and said, 'Those of you who want to volunteer to take this new stimulant in the red capsule should know that it will give you a high. So much so, you'll have no desire to go to sleep, and also, in a certain number of cases, it will make you so stimulated that it will nauseate you--but the nausea will pass after about fifteen minuntes. You'll be able to work almost through the night and the next day you'll have no feeling of fatigue.'

Then the researchers held up the blue pill, the new tranquilizer. 'This is a super-tranquilizer,' they said, 'and as is the case with most tranquilizers, this is going to make you very lethargic, but it also will make you very forgetful. Sometimes you won't remember what you did fifteen minutes ago, or what you started out to do. If you go into the bathroom to comb your hair, you may forget why you went in there, that's how severe it is. If what you want is sleep, then this is just perfect because you'll sleep fourteen hours without any difficulty.'

The students volunteered to take these new pills. There was just one thing the researchers did that was different. They did not tell the students who volunteered for the stimulant in the red capsule that they had instead filled the red capsule with the tranquilizer. And they did not tell the students who volunteered for the tranquilizer in the blue capsule that they were actually taking the stimulant. Not only did the mind expect to be stimulated by the red pill and to have all the effects that the students were told they were going to have, it had to punch its way through the tranquilizing effects of the drug really given. And what the students expected to happen did happen. Sixty percent of the students who took the red pill thinking it was a stimulant became nauseated, became high, and did everything the mind told the body would happen, and the same thing happened with the blue pill!"

Since Norman Cousins told me that story, there have been thousands of experiments pretty much showing the same thing, that the mind creates chemical changes in the body based on expectations. I remember thinking at the time that this was wonderful, because it didn't really matter to me if the drug was working, or my mind was working, as long as I got better. In this healthy dark chocolate business, the company is very cautious about making medical or health claims. So many reports come in from people eating the chocolate and getting results, about so many conditions, it would be very difficult to catalog them anyway. And the company is supporting traditional double-blind medical studies, such as one at the University of Utah, to find out just how powerful this product is. I never tell people what the Xocai chocolate will do for them in a specific health situation. Each individual is different, and boosting their immune system will, for each of them, have individual results. I just state the simple truth that these small pieces of chocolate have more antioxidant content per gram than anything else on the planet.

And its chocolate, for goodness sake! Pure, unadulterated, delicious dark chocolate.
So it seems unlikely that the placebo effect is much of a factor in this situation, as dramatic as it can be. Most people are
surprised by their results. Some are downright shocked. The mind doesn't expect something so simple and so pleasurable
to actually work in a such a powerful way. That's part of the fun of having people try this.


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