Wednesday, January 14, 2009


“Now is the perfect time to start a new business” I’m seeing this a lot nowadays, as we
experience the worst financial crisis since The Great Depression (you see that comment a lot, too—the truth is that much of the financial turmoil of the past 75 years hit us deeper and more broadly cut a swathe through the general economy, the actual impact on Gross National Product is tiny compared to the 1930s). But I think it is a useful mantra or affirmation to report, and it does have some basic truth in it. Forbes magazine, which is not known for flamboyance in its fiscal and business reporting says one good reason a recession is a good time for entrepreneurs is:

"Costs are low on everything from supplies to labor, and digital technologies make it easier than ever to work from home."

This is certainly true in the arena of business opportunities. But it is also a time for more due diligence as a lot of fly-by-night companies emerge trading on desperation, sowing the seeds of false hopes and unrealistic expectations.

For myself, I believe it is a great opportunity to explore new ventures, but a time when prosperity consciousness is especially valuable. In my book, MONEYLOVE, I wrote, “Every time you are broke, you are getting a priceless opportunity to use your creative imagination.” This is not just one of those statements designed to make you feel better when everything is going to hell in a handbasket. Difficult times do produce reassessment, a looking at where you’ve been, where you are, and where you might want to be going next.

It is a lot more difficult to justify being in a job or career you are not enjoying when times are tough. A healthy self-statement during today’s financial crisis might be, “If I’m not making much money anyway, I may as well explore some other options, maybe even have some fun doing something I love doing.”
Despite all the books and seminars on the subject, I think PASSION is still the most overlooked and underrated quality in
financial success.

One of the main reasons I got involved in my current activities promoting and marketing healthy dark chocolate, and writing a book about it, is it is easy for me to get passionate about the subject. I was passionate about dark chocolate before—I will always be passionate about dark chocolate, no matter how this specific business works out. What are you passionate about and how can you get involved with it in a way that you will get paid for your involvement? Here’s where that creative imagination comes in.

Maybe you too are crazy about dark chocolate (in which case, get in touch with me immediately), or maybe it’s baseball cards, or fine wines, or old bottles, or doing research on the Internet, or motorcycles, or discovering new sexual techniques from ancient writings, or inventing something, or helping people cope with some major illness, or feeding the hungry, or improving the environment, or stand-up comedy, or performing the magic act you gave up at the age of fifteen, or ballroom dancing, or finding a way to get authentic Philly cheesesteaks to the West Coast---you could probably make an even better list with a hundred things someone could get passionate about. This simple process can change your life forever! It’s all about passion, what rings your bells and lights your candles.

And here’s perhaps the most important thing I can share with you after all my years of teaching and talking and writing about success. We all have those episodes when we’re turned on, excited, swept away by something we see, hear, or experience. Well, my friend, those moments are not merely meant to be enjoyed in the moment. Those are signals from the universe (or God, if you prefer) that here is something you could be doing instead of what you’re now doing, here is something that could bring more passion, and thus more profit and satisfaction into your life.

Pay attention to passion, and understand that the more passion you are feeling about what you are doing, the more people you will passionately attract to participate in and partake of what you are offering.

Jerry Gillies

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