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There are some of us who may be doing ourselves and our healthy dark Xocai chocolate a disservice by not truly tasting it in all its nuanced glory. While we talk about how this chocolate is eight to ten times more potent in terms of antioxidants than other gourmet dark chocolates, we sometimes neglect the fact that it is also eight to ten times tastier, more scrumptuously delicious. Opulent in its nuances and subtlties.

The first step in tasting anything fully is to cleanse the palate. In tasting fine wine or multi-course gourmet meals, unflavored water or a simple cracker is suggested. Another way to prepare your taste buds, if you have a slight appetite, is with a small serving of fruit or vegetables, or as many fine restaurants suggest and offer, a light sorbet. But this is rich dark chocolate, after all, and plain water might be your best option. In fact, you can swirl the water around in your mouth and then discreetly spit it out, as if you were at a fine wine tasting.

You are now ready for XOCAI. Remember, it is not only the health benefits that are dramatically improved with the exclusive cold-pressing process. The non-roasting, sun-drying, and nonfermenting affect the flavor, too. Richer, with more layers of sensation. You might, before even the first bite, give a thought of thanks to the Amazonian rainforest where the cacao bean originated, and to the Mayan and Aztec cultures that first cultivated and enjoyed what they considered a gift from the gods. Your experience will be enhanced if you prepare your mind as well as your taste buds. You might take a moment to remember a moment in your childhood when you had some delicious chocolate, or your first adult experience of dark chocolate. Or visualize the face of someone who once gave you a taste of very special chocolate.

It has been suggested that gourmet chocolate should always be eaten at room temperature, never chilled or frozen. But, Xocai healthy dark chocolate is different than all others, thanks to the cold-pressing and lack of additives and nonfermentation. So you might have to compare your chocolate at different temperatures and decide for yourself. But, at least initially, room temperature seems a good choice.

After you unwrap your chocolate square or nugget, feel its texture and partake of its aroma. Studies have shown that the mere scent of chocolate has an impact on the body. Don’t miss out on the pleasures of this sense. You might explore the differences between the different Xocai chocolate products. And note the color and shape and texture with your visual senses.

As you slowly prepare for your first actual taste, remember to remember. That is, realize this is more than just a momentary sensation. It is a sensual experience that can last far beyond this moment. So that you can look back months or even years from now and recollect this particular chocolate-tasting episode, letting it stand out from all others in your life.

Weigh the chocolate with your mouth and tongue. Note the texture, note the first actual tinge of flavor. What creates the distinction of a great dark chocolate are the multiple flavors, each unfolding as you slowly allow it to melt in your mouth. You might, before popping the whole piece inside your mouth, just bite off a tiny corner so as to tease your taste buds.
See how many varied layers of taste sensation you can identify. Realize that this is an intricate process, and it is unlikely you will notice all the delights of your Xocai chocolate the first, second, or even fifth time you taste it.

As you swirl the piece of dark chocolate around in your mouth, notice the juices formed, and as you bite into it, how it comes apart in your mouth. And as you swallow it, pay attention to how it coats your mouth with its richness. There is a reason the Mayans and Aztecs considered the eating of chocolate a sacred experience. You have the power to recreate that exceptional taste adventure.

Jerry Gillies

And by the way: I realize there are some readers who have never tasted Xocai healthy dark chocolate and are wondering how they can get some. Assuming, of course, that you love dark chocolate and are ready to move up to the purer, more delicious, and a lot healthier form. Just get in touch with me to find out how to get a free sample.
You can also find out more from my partners in this fun enterprise, Hope and Thom Kiah, at, and
Susannah Lippman, at her subliminal tape website, (check out the link, Chocolate For Health). You can also
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