Friday, January 9, 2009


I’m pretty persistent, and I don’t often take “no” for an answer…but in looking at the
way I operate my life, especially now that I’ve, to my mind-boggling surprise, reentered the network marketing arena, I realize something else is true. While I may not take “no” for an answer, I almost always accept WHOA! for an answer. At least for a while.

You see, I have learned that we each operate at our own pace, and best serve ourselves and others when allowed to do so. The “whoa”s I hear most often involve people who need time to digest the information, have some major obstacles in their lives they have to deal with, let their preconceived notions get in the way of what it’s really all about, or
Just haven’t gotten my vision of the whole thing—which I accept the responsibility for in terms of mis-articulation (did I just invent a new word here?). There’s a whole picture, for instance, of how this healthy dark chocolate business is going to change lives, that just popped into my head. I don’t pretend to understand the process, but it has happened to me before. It’s the way I wrote MONEYLOVE in three weeks, sometimes not even knowing where the ideas were coming from. Looking back at my books, I am often surprised at what I said and even what I knew at the time. I can’t really ever expect someone else to get my whole vision—their minds are filled with their own visions, which never are going to duplicate mine.

One of the things I visualize, for instance, is my book on healthy dark chocolate interesting a lot of people in the business aspect of this, and my listing the names of some of my original associates/partners in the business, so readers can get directly in touch with them to join. This might produce an unbelievable set of numbers. Especially if we approach even 10% of the two million MONEYLOVE readers, even 1% would make a major impact. But this is future speculation on my part—I have no idea how the book will be received, or if logistically this will work. So I don’t mention it as I sponsor someone new, I’d rather deal with what is happening right now.

One of the people I have been most optimistic about in terms of her future success in the healthy dark chocolate business sent me an e-mail today. One sentence stands out, and I have her permission to share it:

Now, dear Jerry, I hear your frustration with me and I understand where you are coming from but you gotta be more patient. It has been barely ten days since our first contact and you don't even know all of what is going on in my life.

Whoa, that’s a “Whoa” message if I’ve ever heard one, and so right on. Of course I don’t know all of what is going on in her life. First of all, she hasn’t told me, secondly, there is no way, no matter how much she shared, I would know everything that was going on. We sometimes buy into the myth that we can know all there is to know about another human being, or that someone else can know all about us. But this is never possible. We spend a lifetime just trying to know and understand ourselves. So when someone says, “No, Whoa, I am not ready yet,” unless I think they’re an idiot, an unaware dolt, someone completely lacking in self-awareness, I have to accept them at their word.

The Merriam-Webster definition of “whoa” is “a command to stand still.” The second
definition is, “cease or slow a course of action or a line of thought. Pause to consider or reconsider.”

Oh, I don’t promise not to get frustrated or impatient. The more magnificent the person is, the more I will have invested in wanting to enroll them in whatever project we’re discussing. But I will put more attention on just stopping for a while when I hear that “Whoa.” This prosperity buggy won’t go no further until it hears “Giddyup!”

Jerry Gillies

And by the way: I am taking my time looking for a few people ready to say, “Giddyup!”
Ideally, I want someone who adores dark chocolate, is looking for extra income and/or
powerful health benefits, wants to have fun making money, would like to be a part of the
research for my next bestseller, and would like to be part of the dream headline: BROKE AND IN PRISON MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER AND SELF-HELP AUTHOR GUIDES HIMSELF AND A TEAM OF DARK CHOCOLATE LOVERS TO MILLIONS! For some short videos on the Xocai opportunity, check in with my upline sponsors, Hope at, and Susannah at, with a link to Chocolate For Health. Or contact me directly at

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