Monday, April 25, 2011


Sunday, Funday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday...what a great sounding week we could have!
I hereby start the official campaign to have a new day. Now, I know some people have been calling Sunday "Funday", but that's just wasting the energy and desire to finally change our calendar in a 21st Century way. Everything has changed but this ancient attachment to a seven day week. And who hasn't said or felt at some time and for some time that "There are just not enough days in the week!"

All that is required is to divide the hours of the week up into eight 21 hour days. This would be in alignment with the sun, the stars, and all other mathematical factors at the foundation of our current calendar.

Being a new construct, we could give Funday some special, beneficial significance, and not just let it slide into habitual labeling, such as Saturday "date night," Sunday "day of rest," Monday as "blue Monday." Funday could be just what its name implies, a day of fun between our day or rest and the first day of the work week. We could establish some original rules at the onset. On Funday, we would all make a real effort not to do anything that wasn't fun, wasn't pleasurable, didn't make us smile or laugh.

And the unemployment problem would be solved in a snap. Think of all the work for calendar designers and printers, watch and clock makers, computer technicians. Think of a regular three day weekend, and even more to talk about around the water cooler at work, "And what did you do this Funday?"

Maybe we could get Rebecca Black to record a sequel to her viral hit, Friday, called Funday, Funday. Well, maybe not, though she has certainly has been having a lot of fun with all of us.

Whole new businesses could spring up to sell us fun services and products to use on Funday. And when we ask someone out on a date for Funday, it would be mutually understood that this was not meant to lead to a serious relationship.

Any hurtful things we do or say on Funday would be automatically excused by,
"I was just kidding--after all, it's Funday!"

I'm sure you can come up with your own creative ideas that would make this new day special. How about a rule that if you're caught frowning on Funday, you have to hug ten strangers? And you're given permission to go off your healthy tofu-based diet and have all the hot dogs, funnel cakes, cotton candy, and chocolate covered frozen bananas you want. And even in the fanciest restaurants, food fights would be permitted on Funday.

Composers and performers would have a field day creating new songs with Funday in the title, as there now are for the seven other days of the week. "A Funday kind of love." The titles would certainly be more cheerful than "Blue Monday," or "Stormy Monday." A few suggestions:
My Funday Valentine
My Funny Funday Love
I've Got Those Funday Giggles
(the opening line for this one, "I've got those Funday giggles, every time my lover wiggles. Smiling in our Snuggies, as our baby poops its Huggies.")

This whole idea has definitely lightened up my Monday. Think on it, but not too seriously, please.

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