Sunday, December 7, 2008


I think it’s important that my readers know one thing—I am not attempting to teach them how to do the healthy dark chocolate business. The company provides an amazing abundance of training materials, information, and how-to instruction in every imaginable media format. I would not, could not attempt to improve on this powerful and impeccable array of resources.

What I am attempting to do is focus on the psychology of success, as I did in my bestselling book, MONEYLOVE, and hundred of seminars around the world, including Canada, the Bahamas, England, South Africa, and even Belgium, where I went on my own dark chocolate binge before anyone ever heard about the health benefits. My most fondest memories from that country are the chocolate, the restaurants in and around Brussels, a French fry stand in the central square of a small town outside Brussels, and doing a MONEYLOVE SEMINAR in the banquet room of a restaurant located in the middle of a lake on a small island, everyone having to travel by flat-bottomed ferryboat, and having the seminar translated into French, so that I often got two laughs from a funny comment, one for the English and one for the French—I loved it.

What it takes to do any kind of business successfully is confidence, an inner certainty that you are doing exactly what you should be doing. And knowing how to maximize and enjoy that success when it happens. The stronger you feel about your own potential, the more easily you attract other people to join you. With the right level of passionate commitment, you don’t need to even know the marketing plan, the health benefits, or how good the chocolate tastes. People will be attracted to the business because they are attracted to you. The Moneylove philosophy is to love what you do so that you do it so well, people will show up to do it with you.

I’m a pretty good blackjack player—and have even taught some lessons. I noticed that when I was winning, people come up and stood around me, they wanted to be close to that winning energy. So the more you love doing it, the more fun you have, the more you believe your life is constantly moving in a profoundly positive direction, the more people will want to be a part of your circle. And the higher level of conscious awareness you are manifesting, the higher level of people who will show up.
It’s not really about chocolate, or good health, or lots of money—it’s all about love. Loving yourself enough to know you deserve optimum success, loving others enough that you want to make their lives better, and loving the prosperity you create so that you have the comfortable and fun-filled life you deserve.
Jerry Gillies
(I really love this dark chocolate, the people involved, and the prospects of having a team that will make prosperity history.)
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