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O.K., I confess, I cannot resist checking out my book MONEYLOVE by Googling it. The first item this time led me to and the following review by Wanda Christine:

By Wandachristine (Los Angeles, California) - See all my reviews
Last summer I found myself in a used book store in Los Angeles, as I was browsing on one of the shelves I found a tattered copy of Jerry Gillies book "Money-love....". Later that day I showed it to my girlfriend who quickly begged me to give it to her; but I told her that it was meant for me; but I would try to find another copy for her. Well I went home that night and started reading it and I could NOT put it down. I have read many prosperity books thoughout the years; but this one really made a difference and it still does to this day. When I started applying the techniques from the book my career changed and so did my finances and when I lost interest and focused on other things; my career went nowhere and my money became funny. So now I've picked my tattered copy back up again and I've applied myself this time; I mean I am "working it"! He gives a very simple diagramed plan on how to save for various pleasures and essentials. I made a diagram of his plan for myself when I first read the book; but I never really applied it; well a few weeks ago I went back and pulled that old diagram out and updated it and guess what IT'S WORKING! All I needed to do was to have patience, which is very hard for me. I want to see results and I want to see them right away and when I don't I stop. Not this time my plan is working. As soon as Amazon has some copies that show up on their website I will be buying one for my girlfriend. I will never give up my copy and you won't either once you've read and applied the principals in your own life. Like I said, "It works if you work it".
I hope she doesn't think I'm stalking her, but curiosity led me to try, and it turns out she's a quite
stunning and accomplished actress. She's appeared on many TV shows, including one of the ones I really enjoyed when I was in prison, Judging Amy. She also wrote and performed in a one-woman show, I'M A WOMAN AND I'M BAD. How could anyone resist a title like that? So I went one step further and tried to e-mail her. So far, no response, but I've enjoyed the proactive approach, which is somewhat new for me.

In addition to my prison memoir, and my book on the healthy benefits of dark chocolate, I am working on a seventh
self-help book, THE GREAT ESCAPE: 12 Essential Freedoms From An Imprisoned Self-Help Author. In it, I will discuss and illustrate the techniques I've learned from some great mentors and taught and used to make a terrible experience--prison--a joyful, creative, triumphant segment in my life. One of the freedoms is THE FREEDOM TO DECIDE. What I discovered many years ago was that it is important to be able to make decisions, as quickly as is possible and appropriate to the situation.
And the success isn't necessarily tied to the results of that decision, but to the making of it. So it doesn't matter if WandaChristine gets in touch with me. My success and feeling good has to do with doing the deciding to reach out. If she does get back to me, that's an additional triumph, frosting on the cake so to speak. We need to separate the decisions we make from the results they produce, realizing they are two separate events. And making decisions is like exercising, instead of building muscle, it builds the decision-making parts of our brain.

WandaChristine's review speaks directly to this aspect of making decisions. She says that the concepts in MONEYLOVE worked until she lost interest and focused on other things. But she was able to decide to go back and try again, and it really worked for her this time. And understand this, it doesn't matter what the ideas contained in my book were, what is most important for WandaChristine's success was her willingness to make the decision to apply some new ideas to her life. You see, another truth about decision-making is that it is always about taking action. And the ability to take action in this way is a
success in and of itself, no matter how it turns out. You either learn by it turning out to be a mistake, or you learn by it being
a good decision that works for you. In other words, it works if you work it. But even if it doesn't work, your working it is
the real success story, and you have learned how to work it some more and better and faster.

Enjoy the process. Jerry Gillies

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