Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The cost of things.

Over the years, writing my book, MONEYLOVE, and doing seminars all around the world about the psychology of money and the difference between prosperity consciousness and poverty consciousness, I’ve been fascinated with the basic attitudes people have about money and the cost of things.

One situation that happened over and over and over again always tickled me. Someone would pick up my Nightingale-Conant MONEYLOVE cassette album and look at it’s $59.95 price tag and ask, “How long is it?” As if the length determined its value. Sometimes, in frustration, I would say, “ It’s three hours of brilliance compared to six hours of crap you might be able to find somewhere else. You make the choice.” Some folks even would pick a book to read based on its number of pages, as if the longer book was the better book. And many people would rather go to a restaurant and get a heaping plate full of mediocre food compared to more modest portions but much more delicious cuisine at a better restaurant. And I had to decide whether to risk alienating you with this next example, but decided to go for it, since it illustrates the same point.

Some years ago, I was playing blackjack at a casino in Reno, having traveled there with a good friend who lived in Nevada City, California and was playing the slot machines. I was lucky and ran $300 up to over $8,000. I said to my friend, “What do you want—I’m treating you to something special. Would you like a spa treatment, a full body massage, an elegant gourmet meal, a fancy new shirt?” He answered, “None of those, thanks, but there is a place about a forty minute drive from here called The Sagebrush Ranch.” He was referring, of course, to one of Nevada’s more than thirty legal brothels. So off we went. As we entered, the manager or madam announced, “It’s party time, girls.” And the prostitutes lined up to display themselves for the new customers. They were all very attractive, dressed in Victoria’s Secret type attire, but one stood out, in fact she stood head and shoulders above all the others. A young black woman, whose accent indicated she had recently emigrated from Africa. She was huge. A regular Amazon. Well over six feet tall, and probably over 250 pounds. But not an ounce of apparent fat. All beautifully proportioned. As the various working girls tried to entice us, she made eye contact with me and said, “Here you go, honey, more bang for the buck. The best bargain in Nevada, all this gorgeousness for no additional cost.” What happened next I’ll save for a memoir.
But she was right, on a dollar-per-pound basis, she was probably the biggest bargain in the entire state. But for someone who prefers their women petite, it wouldn’t be a bargain at all.

Let’s quickly switch from the seedy to the cacao seed. Here we have unheated, unfermented, unakalized pure dark chocolate, with the highest ORAC rating or antioxidant count of any food, and as an added bonus, the second highest natural source of antioxidants, the ACAI berry. Mixed together in delicious combination. And when people ask, “How much?” And I answer, “The wholesale cost is $110 for a box that will last a month or longer if you take the recommended amounts, depending on which of the three varieties you choose,” some people reel back and say, “$110 for those little squares of candy? You’ve got to be kidding!” Now here’s the tricky part. Because it is, after all, chocolate, and people are used to considering it a special treat, guilty pleasure, non-essential confection. Here’s where education comes in. This is not candy, no matter how good it tastes, it is a health food, some are calling it a superfood, and it offers tremendous health benefits, it may even prolong your life because of its high antioxidant content, the highest of any food in the world.

I have stated my opinion, after interviewing many longevity scientists for my earlier book, PSYCHOLOGICAL IMMORTALITY, and reading hundreds of research reports as I work on my new book on the health benefits of dark chocolate, that these small dark chocolate squares, taken on a daily basis, three per day, could just extend someone’s lifespan by three to five healthy years. And some of the scientists think that’s too conservative an estimate.

Let me ask one of those essential questions that reveal some of our core values. If you knew for certain that this healthy dark chocolate would extend your life by three to five years, and it cost $1000. a month, would you be willing to buy it? In fact, wouldn’t you do whatever it took to come up with that $1000 a month?

And what if it cost $100,000 a month and was only available to the very rich? Don’t you think there would still be a long line forming, probably with Bill Gates and Warren Buffet at the head of it? But there is no certainty about it. Just some strong indications from the research to date. And is there ever certainty about anything, especially life? You could be walking home with your supply of healthy dark chocolate and get hit by an ice cream truck. There goes your certainty, with a dash of irony.

All we can say for certain is that there is a lot of highly respected research that indicates some strong health benefits from eating Xocai healthy dark chocolate with Acai berry added. Oh, and by the way, as more and more research results are reported and more people find out, there will be a steamroller effect, an explosion, tremendous momentum…and you could get in on the ground floor of what promises to be one of the most prosperous businesses of this century. And do it with a modest initial investment, and then just eating and sharing this yummy dark chocolate.

And by the way, broke and just out of prison, I had to borrow the money to get involved in this business. So don’t talk to me about how tough things are and how much you’re struggling. I empathize but don’t sympathize. These kinds of economic times always offer the most economic opportunity for those who can come up with just a little vision, a modicum of imagination, just a tablespoon of intention, direction, and sense of purpose. A lot of us are going to make a lot of money having a lot of fun and a lot of superb taste experiences—and some surprising health benefits.

Jerry Gillies

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