Monday, December 8, 2008


As I begin to approach my circle of influence, I notice an interesting thing: the people most interested in the healthy dark chocolate and its business opportunity are usually my smartest and most successful contacts. They “get” it. Right away, with little effort on my part. Which leads me to come up with a thought---“If someone doesn’t get it, don’t give it.” In other words, if they can’t see the possibilities immediately, don’t waste you valuable breath trying to enroll or convince them. If they do sign up, they’ll probably be more trouble and take more time than they’re worth. I don’t mean to be cruel, just realistic. If someone hasn't emotionally and intellectually evolved into a prosperity conscious or success-destined (another new term of mine) state of mind, then they just aren’t ready.

Another one liner popped into my head as my landlord rushed off just as I was telling him about the opportunity. He’s always running around and always complaining about his financial struggles. Here’s my comment: If you’re always running around and aren’t a happy millionaire, you’re running in the wrong direction.

There are certain people you immediately know are going to be successful. My friend Brent, for instance. I met Brent while we were both inmates at the Federal Correctional Institution in Tucson, Arizona. Despite temperatures that summer often reaching above 110, we walked the track for an hour a day and talked about things like relationships, business, making money. Brent was arrested for figuring out a loophole in a major airline’s frequent flyer program. The airline said he stole $7 million in frequent flyer miles. When the FBI threatened to go after his employees in his online travel agency, which included his wife and brother, Brent took a plea agreement. A huge fine and 18 months imprisonment. When he got out, he went back to work and in a few weeks was able to pay cash for a Lexus for himself and another for his wife. He even paid an attorney $5000 to look into my case, though the attorney ripped us off, demanding another $5000.

One episode that informed me as to Brent’s prosperity philosophy came when I sent him a list of about ten authors, including H.L. Mencken, asking him to find out which ones were in paperback so I could order them. The next thing I knew, about twenty books arrived, all the paperbacks available for all the authors. Brent told me when I called him that, since money was no object, it didn’t seem to make sense for him to bother making up a list, it was easier to just order the books. There’s a term to conjure and fantasize with. Imagine yourself saying--in fact, do say it out loud several times: MONEY IS NO OBJECT
There’s a good goal for each of us—to get to a place where we can honestly feel that MONEY IS NO OBJECT.
And remember, we don’t want whiners and whimperers in either of our legs.
Jerry Gillies

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