Monday, December 8, 2008


It may be the ultimate example of life imitating art. You may remember that in the old Woody Allen movie, Sleeper, his character wakes up in the future and talks about the silly people back in the 20th century who thought chocolate was bad for you and sprouts were good, and it was now common knowledge that the reverse is true. What a cosmic joke we are living!

That’s right, it’s really funny, and if you can’t see that, then you need to wake up, just like Woody Allen did, and stop taking yourself so seriously.
“What do you do?”
“I enjoy the most delicious chocolate in the world, and get other people to join me in enjoying it.”
“No, I meant, what do you do for a living?”
“That’s what I do for a living, a fantastic living—and I have fun doing it and the dark chocolate is super healthy.”

Doesn’t the above almost sound like a comedy routine? You are living a comedy routine, a contrarian existence in which you are talking about the health benefits of what used to be considered the ultimate sinful food in terms of good nutrition. And you are excited about a great financial opportunity during a period when most people are scared to death about their financial future. And you are having fun doing it.

While a lot of people say to me, “It’s tough times right now, time to tighten the belt and lower expectations,” I say, “This is the perfect time to dramatically change how we’ve thought about earning a living. We’re in a new millennium, with a new President elected because he promised a new way of doing things, and we are missing the boat if we don’t take this opportunity to change the way we’ve been thinking about work and earning an income.

In my bestselling book, MONEYLOVE, I talk about the importance of pleasure, and that the more pleasure you have doing the work you do, and the more pleasure you have with the money you produce, the more incentive your subconscious mind is going to have to produce even more. It’s like subjecting your own brain to behavior modification—and believe me, most of us need some of our behavior modified. I remember so vividly a highly respected former banker who did many financial seminars and was very successful. In the stock market crash of 1987, he lost everything, over a million dollars. And what he told me was, “The thing that really upsets me about it is that I never had fun with that money. I kept postponing vacations, kept working hard to build up my fortune, and I had a fortune and it’s all gone now, and I never had the benefit of it other than as fantasy.” In MONEYLOVE, and in this new healthy dark chocolate business I’m building along with all the rest of you, it’s vital to our financial and emotional health that we not only keep having fun eating the product, but that we allocate a portion of all our profits to specific fun goals, whether it’s taking a trip, buying a fun toy at the electronics shop, taking a friend out for a surprise gourmet meal, getting a great massage, etc. In MONEYLOVE, I had a series of affirmations I called Prosperity Proclamations, and one of these was:


As a former journalist, what brought me a lot of a success at NBC Radio was the fact I could read a long news report and boil it down to the essentials that needed to fit into a five minute hourly newscast. And when I was in charge of editing the Governor’s news conferences when I was a newsman at WRVA Radio in Richmond, Virginia. I applied the same skill to editing his words, getting to the essence of what he said, and passing those edited sound bites on to all the other news organizations in Virginia.

Here’s my point—I think some of us have missed the point, or at least one important point about why MXI is unique. It promotes fun as an essential part of making a living. Other companies stress taking care of such serious things as the kids’ education, sudden health emergencies, survival in old age. Our MXI earnings will take care of that and a lot more, but what does the company stress as a major reward of doing this business? Fun trips and cruises! The important message this sends out is, “Do this business and you’re going to have a lot more fun in your life!” And it all starts with the most basic fun thing any of us have ever done in our lives—eating chocolate.

Jerry Gillies
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